SFAF Staff           


The staff of Sierra Foothills AIDS Foundation is a knowledgeable, professional and dedicated group of individuals.

The Executive Directoris Susan Farrington.

Ryan White Program Case Managers include:
Placer County:

Gloria Denton - Auburn Office

Jenny Lightfoot - Auburn Office
El Dorado County:

Jamaica Wexelman - Placerville - Diamond Springs Office

Susan Farrington/Jenny Lightfoot -
                                 South Lake Tahoe - Auburn Office 

Medi-Cal Waiver Program Case Managers include:
      Kathryn Spuur - Social Work Case Manager
      Laise Moran-Jacobson - Nurse Case Manager

Rhonda McManus - Bookkeeper & Office Manager

Gloria Denton - Inmate Intervention Program & HIV Testing

Jenny Lightfoot - Outreach Coordinator & Grant Writer

DebbieLean - Case Manager Assistant to Medi-Cal Waiver, Ryan White &
Inmate Intervention Programs;
IT Manager & Webmaster