In Memoriam

Sierra Foothills AIDS Foundation would like to recognize the following people who made contributions in honor of those they love or in memory of those they loved.

In Memory of our dear friend George N. - Anne & Scott Swickard

In Memory of Robert S. - Lola Ingram

In Celebration of the marriage of Sally D. & E. Jane W. - Lynn & Greg Baugher
                                                                                     - Charles & Nancy Lindsay 

In Honor of Rose S. - Jim Troxel

In Memory of Harry T. - Judy Ann Bagley, Marian Cruz

In Memory of Eddie D. - Barbara Deming, David Bard

In Memory of Ron S. - Susan Peters

In Memory of Tim B. - Suzanne Great

In Memory of Richard N. - Constance Newman

In Memory of  Our Beloved Son - Fay Wales

In Honor of Max - Suzanne J. Awalt

In Honor of all people living with HIV - Eileen Valdez Woods